Kseniia Anokhina
UI/UX Design
developer designer Artist illustrator writeyr writer
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based in the Netherlands
degree in Art, Design & Technology
I am a UX designer and developer striving to build structures and create designs that accommodate people and center around their unique experiences. In my practice I often take a lot of roles in one project from being an illustrator, animating visuals, designing layouts on Figma to creating backend architecture of databases, which in turn allows me to think structurally while also fully see what story the design is telling.

As I have a degree in 'Art, Design and Technology' I am also passionate about digital art. Being a young digital artist (b.2000) from Russia, I have a particular interest in the alienating nature of bureaucracy and immigration. My work uses multimedia approaches, from information design to textile art, to visualise the situations of unheard people, and engage and elevate voices of marginalised populations, through digital and analogue interfaces. I want to research hidden structures we are affected by and through design and art find novel ways to co-exist - with each other and machines.
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