Association game with Google

Isn't our creative thinking just a big accepted archive of association? Could we let machines in on the secret? This is a game where you can play with Google algorithm consuming and spitting out definitions, constantly identifying 'what is on the picture?'. It is a multilayered process, hard to fully disclose. But you can try to guess what a machine might say, what it might have been told and reach contact with it by answering 'What do you see?' and matching responses.

When you do not match, it will combine your answers and search again, creating a trail of associations.

Here you can see two cases: first is when you do not match with Google, second - when you do. The game goes in a loop, until you reach contact.

If you go long enough, a visual dialogue of association appears, which allows you to see layers of Google algorithms and constant flux of re-captioning.
It would be great to make this project public, but it is too complex to be finished yet. I need to set up a virtual machine and debug all the php communications and python errors. After all. Google is constantly changing in attempts to brush off all the scrapers and enforce security.

It does not want to play.