While AI nowadays can do a lot of fascinating things, as an artist working with it sometimes feels empty. It never hears or sees you, rendering sound waves and pixels, desperately trying to represent something it cannot grasp. And while thinking about this as an obstacle to my work, I realised that being an immigrant often feels like you cannot be truly seen, as if your stories are just words and your memories are just images.

I tell people of places so important, so dear to me, but they don’t really have a chance to understand. Places filled with language that is foreign and meaningless to the them and history they will never feel in their bones. So, I picked 30 images from Moscow and decided to collaborate with a bunch of AIs. And ask them: what is my hometown?


Lyrebird AI


Ben Vida -
Reducing The Tempo To Zero (Part 1)


Kseniia Anokhina