Kseniia Anokhina
UI/UX Design
UI/UX design writeyr and wriggggeyrdevelopment
I am an aspiring UX designer and developer, interested in finding novel ways to use the infinite space of the web. While also striving to build structures and create designs that accommodate people and account for their specific needs
Taurus media
my role
Product designer
Web Developer
Feb 2022 — Aug 2022
Taurus media website is the first big project where I fully redesigned a visual identity and UI design of the whole website. Created new graphics and redesigned logos to match the new visual style, developed the design into a working responsive static mock-up, and created a dynamic version through a custom theme in Wordpress.
case study
internship — 2021
During my internship with Claire Williams and Deborah Levy I worked on the tool for artistic research that would help them log their findings in their exploration of the world of the invisible. Following their custom information designs, I developed custom logic of the database using Processwire CMS and created the front-end styles for it. The fun challenge was to only work with open-source tools, which was rewarding and tricky at the same time. Unfortunately, this tool is private but I can provide more information/code etc. on request.
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Lacing Lands
internship — 2021
Lacing Lands: moving in relation, is an artistic research project, written, narrated, illustrated and coded in collaboration with ArtEZ Studium Generale for the programme LAND, on ownership, climate break-down and co-existence. It explores the fractured, vast and mediated landscape across two countries, classrooms, histories, memories, and times. My main goal as a designer was to tie together content and form by exploring the depth and patchiness of web design. What if we switch between layers and follow the routes that overlap and interfere with each other? What if we embrace the infinity of the web?
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