The Law of Viscosity
This work starts with a notification from my friend ‘We are bombing Kiev’. And all the following interactions of mine with screens, screams, people and information. While the Russian invasion of Ukraine is by far not the first War to happen in the digital age, it is the first one that touched me so intimately. This event led to me questioning immigration, social media policies, and ways in which we exact empathy.

((under construction))
I started seeing the world as a series of screen-barriers, parallel realities where I feel like a glitch, stuck in textures. Intruder of comfort on the wrong side of the sleek black protective glass behind which the atrocities of the world are played, scrolled, clicked, and liked.

This installation challenges the seamless choices hidden in interaction with content online. It pushes you to make your choice to engage with my words — embodied. The liquid inside does not abide by Newton’s Laws of Viscosity: you can choose to run through only touching the surface, or to get stuck and listen. Unlike a screen, it is not impenetrable. Where blunt force only meets resistance, mindful engagement can allow you to decide: are you ready to sink?