Why are you?
Topography of sense-making

This is not a coherent story, nor a final one. Not a representation of any specific group of people, not a statement or solution to any problem, not even fully a book or a map, but a topographic endeavour. A landscape of humans moving in time, constantly looking for directions. Some sail freely taming the winds, some feel like they are floating, unable to resist the waves. Some walk complex terrains, exhausted, others climb mountains with ardour. And some find themselves trapped, only dreaming of movement.

This is an attempt at capturing their dialogue, not with me — invisible topographer — but with each other. Contradicting, overlapping, proposing, rejecting — all wondering in the same quest for meaning, trying to figure out:

Why are we and where are we going?
This project is a response to the industry of self-help books, which is always luring you in with answers. Answers to best ways of designing your life.
And while design often requires an end goal or a problem to solve, self just appears into existence with consciousness randomly boiled into it. And the self starts designing. No universal framework for living, existing and building own identity. We are the materials and the maker, but what is the design question?

This collection is a non-help book, with no definitive problem to solve (yet including many problems) and no definitive answer to give (yet including many suggestions).
If you feel overwhelmed and lost in the ocean of voices, you could use some guidance from the routes on the back which are visible if you stand against the sun (or a lamp).
While I enjoyed conducting interviews with all the nice people who agreed to talk to me, I am curious, what would happen, if the outcome is not as heavily curated and arrangement is not so time-consuming. My next step would be to involve AI as a tool for mapping and research how text-recognition programs work and how I could tame them to build the map for me without me.